Weihnachtsgaben im Kindergarten Radestele Klaipeda

Dear Eva
I am happy to report You that we fulfilled Your request: we bought small presents  and gave them to all kids with wishes from Nikolaus fom Germany. Children and remembered  previous Nikolaus visits and enjoyed gifts what You sent to them.
On behalf of all "Radastele" community -children, their parents and staff- I want to thank to You and all  members of Kinderhilfe Litauen for such big attention, you show to us, the sincerity you share with us, Your energy, time, health You donate to us.
Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

With warm wishes from rainy Klaipeda

Auch wir sagen im Namen der Kinder, Eltern und Erzieher im Kindergarten Radestele in Klaipeda allen Freunden und Spendern der Kinderhilfe Litauen ein herzliches Danke !

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